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Elevate Your Style With Hussaini Textile`s Waistcoat With Shalwar Kameez

The waistcoat is a sleeveless coat-like dress which is very popular in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. The waistcoat is a traditional attire of South Asia, people of South Asian countries used to wear that amazing and decent outfit even nowadays people from every generation love to wear a waistcoat. Men`s Waistcoats evolved over time, in old times people usually used to wear them like casual dresses but now the waistcoat has become a fashion symbol and people wear it not just casually but at valimas, weddings, eid festivals, and formal functions. This is not a new attire but it evolved with time and now it has become the fashion symbol and people love to wear this amazing outfit at formal functions. Hussaini Textile is a known brand in the Pakistani fashion industry and when it comes to premium quality men`s waistcoats Hussaini Textile holds a special place. Hussaini Textile makes a waistcoat with fine craftsmanship and great quality fabric. 

Waistcoat Designs That Hussaini Textile Makes:

If talk about the Waistcoat designs Hussaini Textile makes, there are a lot of designs but we will talk about some famous designs:

  • Jawaharcut waistcoat
  • V-neck waistcoat
  • No Collar waistcoat
  • Silk back waistcoat


Jawaharcut Waistcoat:

This amazing style of men`s waistcoat is a very famous style in India, and Pakistan region and as you can see in the name, this style was famous because of the prime minister of United India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. He used to wear this style of waistcoat casually and formally. Nowadays this style has come back in fashion and men from every age group love to wear this style of waistcoat for men.

V-neck Waistcoat:

A v-neck waistcoat is a symbol of style nowadays and it’s very famous among your and old generations. This style of men`s waistcoat is also very popular in Europe and America. People love to wear it in pants and also under a two-piece suit. 

No-collar waistcoat:

This is also a very special style of men`s waistcoat, this style is very popular among older men in Pakistan but in Afghanistan, this style is a favourite of all generations of men. This style looks very charming when people wear it on shalwar kameez. No-collar waistcoat fashion is trending in Pakistan and people like to wear this waistcoat with shalwar kameez.

Silk Back Waistcoat:

Silk back waistcoat is a stylish and charming style of waistcoat and the young generation in Pakistan loves it when it comes to wearing a stylish waistcoat. Usually, people like to wear this style under a two-piece suit but also young generation loves to wear this up on the pants in formal functions.

What Factors That Hussaini Textile Focus:

Hussaini Textile not only focus on the style of a waistcoat but also focus on the fabric they use because comfort is the key and people like to wear a waistcoat which is stylish and comfortable at the same time. They use both imported and locally manufactured fabrics like suiting, jamawar, embroidered fabric, silk, velvet, and jacquard.

Colours Of Waistcoats:

There are some very famous colours in men`s waistcoats like beige, fawn, off-white, brown, and maroon but the black waistcoat holds a separate fanbase among all Pakistani people. People from every generation love to wear black waistcoats. Dull gold buttons look fabulous on this colour waistcoat. Another very famous colour in the Pakistani public is a navy blue waistcoat which is also very favourite of all generations in Pakistan.

Shopping At Hussaini Textile:

Shopping at Hussaini Textile is an amazing experience. They have a very skilled team and a great mannered staff who deal with you. They know every customer has a different physique and different style they pay attention to every customer and suggest them a waistcoat according to their event, choice, body type, and their physical appearance. They also have a very skilled stitching team which makes their products. They put quality, class and craftsmanship into their products. Buying a men`s waistcoat from this amazing brand is not just investing in an outfit it’s investing in quality.

Quality and Decency:

Finally, we can say that if you want a waistcoat which has quality, decency, class, and comfort then you are at the right spot. Buying a waistcoat from Hussaini Textile will be a decision you will never regret.

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